2014 Topps Museum Collection


New this week, Topps Museum Collection for the 2014 year! If you are interested in purchasing this product, please contact the store. The cost per box is $215.

Product Specifications:

  • 4 cards per pack
  • 5 packs per box
  • 100 card base set
  • Each pack contains an autograph or relic

Reminder: Any interest in Topps Heritage Baseball orders should be submitted today (4/4). The cost per box is $105.

2014 Topps Heritage Baseball

Topps Heritage Baseball is due in on March 7th. Elite is currently taking any orders for this product so contact the store by phone or e-mail if you are interested in the product.


Product Specifications:

  • 24 packs per box
  • 9 cards per pack
  • 500 card set
  • Randomly inserted redemption for set of 1965 Topps Baseball


For a more detailed description of what types of cards you may pull from this set visit, here.

Yu-Gi-Oh OTS Championship!

Date Held: February 22, 2014

Championship Details:

  • Event begins at 10:00 am sharp
  • Same day registration begins at 9:00 am
  • Entry cost is $20 (Duelists receive $20 in packs)
  • Max participants for the event is 48.
  • ~6 rounds of play.

In order to partake in the event you must first register at ELITE. This can be done on the event day, but you may also pre-register (with payment) any time before that during regular business hours.
Once registered, each participant is required by Konami to submit the deck list and registration forms. It is recommended that both of these forms be filled our prior to the event so you can participate immediately once you arrive. The forms can be found by following the links below:

Registration Sheet
Deck List Form

The top four finishers will receive invites to the World Championship, while the overall winner will also receive an exclusive game mat.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ELITE. If you would like further details and particulars about the OTS Championship you can read over Konami’s page which can be found here:

OTS Championship FAQ

We look forward to seeing you all in store on the 22nd. Good luck!

Yu-Gi-Oh Releases and Tournaments for January

Just a reminder, all tournaments are sanctioned by Konami and begin at 11:00 am on the selected day. We look forward to seeing you in store!

January 11th  –  Standard Tournament $7 Entry Fee, Swiss Format

January 18th  –  Legacy of the Valiant Sneak Peak,  $20 Entry Fee

January 24th  –  Legacy of the Valiant Booster Release Day

January 25th  –  Yu-Gi-Oh Day, $5 Entry Fee