New Releases: Shadow Specters Special Edition, Deck Protector Peach & Aqua, Triumphant Return of the Kings Knights

Shadow Specters Special Edition


StardustDragon-SHSP-SE-EN-SR-LE Tuning-SHSP-SE-EN-SR-LE

Like the other Special Edition releases, the Shadow Specters release comes with 3 of its respective packs and a special variant card, either Tuning or Stardust Dragon (seen above).  Come on in and get yours today!

Deck Protectors: Peach & Aqua

Elite is now selling the Upper Deck Pro-Matte Deck Protectors in the Peach and Aqua varients. Examples of the colors are displayed below.

product_2413 product_2414

Triumphant Return of the Kings Knights


Triumphant Return of the King’s Knights is the 11th set release for Vanguard in the US. The set contains 102 cards, with one of them being a reprint. If you are looking for more information about the trading card game Vanguard in general, you can visit the following website: