Yu-Gi-Oh Sneak Peek: Secrets of Eternity

Secrets of Eternity Sneak Peak – Saturday January 10th

Rules of the Sneak Peak:

  • A Minimum of 20 cards must be used for the Main Deck.
  • All cards not used in the Main Deck are automatically considered to be a part of the Side Deck. The usual 0 – 15 card Side Deck rule does not apply.
  • Players start out each game with 8,000 Life Points.
  • Players play a Best 2-out-of-3 Match against an opponent to declare a winner.
  • Unlike Constructed Decks, Sealed Decks have no restrictions on the number of any specific card in the Deck. A player may include as many copies of any card he or she likes, even more than three, provided all copies of those cards were obtained only from the product given for Deck-building in that event.
  • In between games of a Match, you can add, subtract or exchange cards from the Main Deck with cards in the Side Deck. Main Deck size cannot be less than 20 cards.

For more information about Yu-Gi-Oh or Sneak Peaks, head over to our Yu-Gi-Oh page.